Look, Ma! No masking tape! or Warped again

Warped the Mirrix today and it went soooo much better than the last time. That could be attributed to the fact that I actually put the warp bar where it’s supposed to be. Warp-bar No masking tape today! And it didn’t fall out. I decided to warp at 6 epi this time instead of the 8 epi that I used last time. You can see that I used the 12 epi spring, warping every other one.6-epiHere’s my pile of heddles. I’m hoping that I tied them better this time and don’t have knots coming loose.

HeddlesOne thing that was holding me back was the decision of what to weave next, but today the decision has been made. I am going to attempt a pulled warp tapestry. I can’t remember for sure where I first heard about doing this type of weaving, but it may have been from an ATA newsletter. After a little research, I found a blog post about using pulled warp to form a dodecahedron. I will not attempt anything that advanced my first time out. I plan to weave a simple cube first and see how that goes. There are several patterns for polyhedra here, including that famous dodecahedron. Here’s what the net of a cube looks like: image

I will just weave the squares without the tabs that one would need if making this of paper. Now, if my calculations are correct, for a 4-inch cube, I will need an 8-inch wide warp. I guess I could weave a 6-inch cube—just decided to keep it simple. I don’t know how to do any bead weaving, but I do know how to stitch beads on to fabric. So that may be an option for this cube, before it gets its warp pulled.

If anyone is interested, Kathe Todd-Hooker has designed a couple of bumper stickers that might be of interest to weavers. Check them out here and contact her about them here.

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