Materials Hard and Soft

Ancient Symbols IIPurple Haze of a Setting SunEven though this exhibit venue is very close to me in miles, and only about an hour away in time, I have never entered. This year I barely got it together in time to hand carry a CD and entry form to Denton in time to meet the deadline for Materials Hard and Soft. Today I went to the post office and found acceptances for two entries: Purple Haze (Reflection) and Ancient Symbol II. I hope the weather in January is stable enough that I can hand deliver them. That means free of ice on the roads, not always true at that time of year. The exhibit itself is from February 4-April 3, 2011. If you go to the link, there are PDFs of previous exhibits. My other hope is that I have watched the calendar and calculated correctly that nothing overlaps and the pieces that I think will be available will actually be available. Always a challenge for us time/calendar challenged folks!

From Hand/Eye there is this. I always love to look at color!


Courtesy of Ecotintes

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