Hand-loomed linen and art

imageMark Barrow paints on stretched linen hand-loomed by his wife, Sarah Parke, picking out the all-over patterns of her textiles even as he blocks out his own, crazy-quilt-like compositions.

When I saw the words “hand-loomed” in the above quote, I had to investigate this artist further. The words come from this article in the NYTimes, always a wonderful source for art news. The picture comes from the Elizabeth Dee gallery. More pictures can be seen in this blog post.Bathroom-shelvesI have spent the last two days doing a little organization, with only two goals: my bedroom and the shelves in the bathroom. Admittedly, I have only done a partial reorganization, but lots of trash has gone out. Those guys are really loving me, right now—NOT! The rest of the stuff is going to an unused room, where I will spend an hour a day until all is sorted, but that has to wait until other bookshelves are reorganized, so that some of the stuff from the sorting will have a new home. I will be making a huge trip to Half Price Books, also!

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