As I post these pictures, I’m wondering–can one stitch into mat board? I may need to try that.

Field, 13 x 8.5 inches, wool, cotton, dyes, mounted and framed, $105 ┬ęSherri Coffey

Naranja, 17 x 9 inches, wool, cotton, dyes, mounted and framed, $115 ┬ęSherri Coffey

The continuing saga

In this great mounting experimentation period of my life, I am discovering that certain things are hard to find. After looking at hardware on several of my framed art pieces, I tried to find the same things. The smaller pieces have to be hung differently than the big pieces.

For one thing, there has to be paper (not hardware, I know) on the back to hide all the ugly details of the mounting process. When I inquired of my artist friends about the kind of paper they used, they told me craft paper. My art has black paper on the back, which then began a search of black craft paper. They buy huge rolls of the stuff. I refuse to do that because I don’t know if I will continue this process, and so the search continued. I found small rolls of this stuff in the teacher supply section of local stores.


My framed art has a type of hardware not found in stores here locally, and you have to buy huge quantities. However, I did find a small number on Amazon for me to experiment with later. The pieces above are attached vertically on the frame, and coated wire is attached to the section in the middle. These would probably be overkill for these small pieces. 

So D-rings will be used and attached at at the same distance from the top as the other hardware and the coated wire stretched between the rings. Now there is a problem with this kind of setup on the wider pieces–getting them straight on the wall. My frame shop showed me this setup, but the hardware is kind of expensive, so it will be a last resort.

Corner sawtooth

Will this continue?

Maybe I’ll get good at this someday. I do know that if the process doesn’t get speedier, all future mounting will be farmed out, or there will be no more smaller pieces requiring mounting.




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