The flowers were beautiful, the food was tasty, the weather was great, and the art was inspiring! This vacation did exactly what a vacation is supposed to do. My mind left home along with my body. No haftas, shouldas, or anything else related to the to-do list intruded.

Masked Shaman with Shield and Ceremonial Staff

One of the items on my Santa Fe list was the Worrell Gallery. I’ve wanted on of Bill Worrell‘s pendants for several years. I loved several of them in person, but ultimately decided on one of the smaller ones. Many of his works are “interpretations of the ancient pictographs,” which I love.

Once on a trip to Jackson Hole, I noticed how abundant and colorful the flowers were. I attributed the prolific bloom to a shorter growing season, but who knows? At any rate, the flowers were abundant in Santa Fe and on both roads to Taos. Chamisa, asters, sage, Maximilian Sunflowers–all were beautiful.





And then there was this balcony.


And the clouds. You know what they say about the light in New Mexico. Artists love it. And I love the clouds!

From the car

There were four studio tours going on while we were there. We went to one-The High Road Artisans Studio Tour. A few of our stops:
Jennette’s Weavings

Los Vigiles Living Traditions Fiber Studio and Supply was not on the regular tour, but we stopped there anyway. It’s located in Chimayo, a place where I’d like to spend more time. They have a roomful of walking looms and many weavings, and Eugene was very helpful.

More later…

I’ve got art photos! Much inspirations! But not it’s time to get those dyepots going. aAt least six days of dyeing are in my future. The ikat tying is complete, dyed, and untied. Weaving has begun and is going well. Check out Instagram for up-to-date photos.

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