Moving along and arts funding


Geez, it’s already the middle of August! On the one hand, I can’t believe the time is going by so fast. On the other hand, I’m looking forward to fall and cooler weather.

Besides the house stuff going on around here, I have been designing and printing invitations for a bridal shower. Being the party animal that I am (joke!), it’s a good thing I have sisters! The aunties are giving a kitchen shower for our niece. I used the above scanned paper to make a border for the invitation card and the recipe card—we’re asking the guests to contribute a favorite recipe. I enjoy the technical part of doing something like this, but I definitely have not inherited the thinking-like-giving-a-party gene. Oh, well…

imageI live close to a city that is reducing funding for the arts significantly. I know that some choices have to be made, and everyone wants to have a smaller budget, as long as it’s not smaller in THEIR favorite thing. Cities all over the country are having problems. But one does have to wonder about cutting funds in an area that the city touts as a tourist draw. In a city with world class museums where they don’t say Fort Worth is “the city of cowboys and culture.” So, what’s a city to do? How do we try to improve homelessness, repair streets, and still fund the arts? I don’t have answers, only questions.

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