Still a work in progress

My house is slowly becoming livable again. The goal for this week is the studio area. Somehow, things that had to be moved from the main area have to find homes or go somewhere else to live. So, there!

Below is what I am calling the TV wall, for lack of a better term. The old wooden box that holds the TV now will be replaced with the turquoise piece below. The blue print chair will get reupholstered at some point, as will the couch.


This is the window wall in all its glory of paper shades. Those will stay until decisions are made. The hassock or whatever you call it, will get new clothes. The walls in this picture read more yellow than they actually are, but the color changes during the day, sometimes looking more yellowish, sometimes having a peach glow. And do you notice that this space cries out for a rug?


The area in the center of the bookshelves will have some staggered small shelves to display my black Oaxacan pottery and other art.Bookshelves

And here is the red wall which will be home to my series of black and white wrestling pictures, taken back in the 70s, when rasslin was “real.” Right now I’m afraid to hang any pictures—don’t want to mess up the freshly painted walls. Oh, and notice the rug—the colors are right, but I’m not sure about the size. And the table is a Target special. I’ve never had drawers in the hall before. What a concept! There’s a place for the flashlight!Red-wall

The china and silver is back in the china cupboard. Of the twenty plates of fine Oxford bone china, I have kept eight and given away the rest. The cups and saucers are going to Goodwill today. Who uses china cups and saucers nowadays?

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