The great renovation caper continues

It’s been a busy week. This was discovered under the carpet when it was ripped up. We had a tornado back in the 80s, and maybe I should be embarrassed, but the carpet was put down then. It actually held up really well. Anyway, I’m pretty sure this little gem of a picture is by one of the kids, probably my daughter. Made me smile!

I love watching experienced, efficient workmen. Here he is nailing down the new floor. Yes, nailing down, not gluing. It was hard for sales people to get that I wanted real, 3/4 inch wood to match the existing wood, not manufactured or laminate. I’m not sure I’ve adjusted to the white bookshelves yet. I may have to go back in on the back and paint some colors, but first I will refill them with books and see how I feel.

I’m feeling the same way about the red wall in the entry. I thought my black and white wrestling pictures would look good against a red background. At a later point, I will be having the kitchen floors and walls redone. If I’m still not sure about the red wall, I will change it then. Maybe that orange that I wanted on the walls in the living room?

I am not a shopper, but I have been out looking at stuff I never look at. Curtain fabric, upholstery fabric, furniture…you name it. My friend says that once you start something like this, it never ends. I did put down one of my pieces to check color on the new floor. I love it. Now, if only it came in an 8 x 10 size!

There is so much “stuff” to put back in place that I made one of those executive decisions today. I NEED to get the studio back into some kind of order. I NEED to weave. So all the stuff that has been stashed in there will be put away. Then I can work on the next project. And, with all this, I have learned once more that I am not a multi-tasker. One track mind, that’s what I have.

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