Almost there

It’s been really hard for me to have so many people in the house all the time. Crazily, I thought I could get work done while they were here. Instead I just holed up in my room and read. It’s looking really good. The floors should be here next week. The wood has to acclimate for a couple of days before they install it. At least the installation only takes a day.

Subfloor repair—As soon as I sent a message to my painter, she messaged me back that it would be okay, she had someone to do the repairs. And it didn’t cost an arm and a leg! Whew!

Now, a little about the painter and her company. Yes, her. The company is Finish Line Décor, so if anyone is local, keep that information. She is definitely hands-on, keeping everything on track. Carine came to the United States from Belgium and is very good at her job. I really liked working with her.

The first morning they were here, the guys took the wooden shades down from the window. The sunlight coming through the east window was blinding, to say nothing about the heat. Carine suggested something I’ve never heard of before. Paper shades! Who knew? They are available at Home Depot and probably other similar stores. Link here. They’re like a giant Post-it note. These will probably be on these windows until they fall off or until I get the sofa done.

Here’s the area where the floor was repaired and up into the wall.

Prepping the bookshelves.

I now have freshly painted walls and bookshelves. And one of those walls is red! I’ll post more pics after the floors are in. One of the guys will be here again today for a couple of hours, then freedom for a few days. I am not moving anything back into those rooms until it’s all finished.

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