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Mexican archaeologists discover three 1,000 year old tombs near Monte Albán in Oaxaca
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Today the painter came to finalize details and look at the disastrous subfloor. She doesn’t think it’s too terribly bad. She texted a picture (aren’t smart phones wonderful!) to her “wood” guy, who gave a not-so-bad ballpark estimate. He and the painters arrive in the morning bright and early. They are scheduled for three days. It’s going to be hard to have strangers in the house for three whole days! Then the wood for the floors should arrive. It has to acclimate to the new “climate” before it can be installed, but at least that’s only one day. Then I get to do all the packing stuff in reverse. I’m thinking another two weeks, maybe some weaving will get done. I’m hoping I can use the time while they’re here to sort through some more stuff, load the car for more trips to Goodwill, and maybe work on some designs.

In the meantime, I’m mulling over options for juried shows, etc. And since I like all things pre-Columbian, take a look at the article about the above picture. This was discovered near Monte Alban, fairly close to the city of Oaxaca. If you ever get a chance to go there, take it. Nice city, outdoor cafés, lots of culture, and a great market. Might even see costumes like those of the Mayan Barbie.

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