Rejection and other trials and tribulations

Believe it or not, we’re setting heat records here. It’s always hot in Texas, so, really, temperature records? 107 on Friday and Saturday. The picture has nothing to do with temperatures and heat record—I just like it. Maybe those guys just got really hot and thirsty. I also don’t where it originated. I found it on the Facebook page for Texas Hill Country, where they were asking for captions.

I have recently entered and been rejected from two art shows in which I have previously had work. I know that jurors have a vision for the show and that sometimes your work just doesn’t fit with the vision. Or it may not fit in with the rest of the entries. Or whatever. But still, it’s rejection, which never feels good. Not that I’m going around moping or anything, but it does cause me to wonder if my work has taken a wrong direction. And since I have no direction at all right now, along with all the other stuff—see below—, no weaving is getting done.

As part of the house renovation, I have been busy boxing up stuff off the bookshelves and tabletops and moving some of the furniture. When I moved one piece of furniture, I noticed a problem where there had been a roof leak many, many years ago. Evidently the floor did not dry like I thought it had. So, I ripped up the carpet to check things out. Well, guess what? A bigger problem than was immediately visible. Subfloor has some issues on this pier and beam OLD house. Not being a carpenter, I have no idea what’s involved in repairing this, but it’s right at the wall. Doesn’t sound promising, does it? This right after I signed the papers for the floors, painting, AND bought a buffet I’ve been eying for three months. It’s only money.

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