My guilty secret

imageI don’t read books that are classified as “romance”. Usually, that is. At the library a couple of weeks ago I picked up The Search by Nora Roberts. Now I’ve heard about Roberts—I mean, how could you not, she’s such a prolific writer. I’ve even read one or two of her J.D.Robb books (her pseudonym), but didn’t enjoy them much. From the blurb, the plot appealed to me. A bit of mystery in a locale not familiar to me. As I read, I learned about dog training, search and rescue dog teams, and a little about Orcas island. All in all an interesting book with humor, and yes, romance. At least it’s not the bodice-ripping kind of romance! Now that I’ve read this one, I have picked up two others because of the interesting material that pertains to the plot. Currently I’m reading Black Hills, chosen because of my travels there a few years ago. I’m sure that part of my choosing these books is also because of the ennui I seem to be experiencing lately. Whatever, they’re interesting now, and this too shall pass.

Around town there are billboards advertising the Amon Carter Museum. While we were there the other evening, I asked about the painting used on the billboard. It is very appealing to me and I’m not sure why exactly. I mean, after all, it does have pink in it! It almost looks like it’s done with pastels even though it was painted with oils.


Morton Schamberg (1881–1918)
Figure, 1913
Oil on canvas

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