When technology drives you nuts…

I have one of those clunky TVs that weighs about a 1000 pounds. There is no cable or satellite in this household, and the switch to digital really did not make me a happy TV watcher. Recently a message came from Netflix that my plan was going up, but there are lots of free movies and TV shows that I can stream. All of this is the lead in to the new television technology out there. I am learning about refresh rates, devices that attach to your TV for streaming movies directly from services like Netflix. There’s dpi, LCD, LED, plasma, you name it. Then there’s the issue of antennas. Outside or indoors. What about size? I already know that one of those giant TVs is not for me. The one I’m watching now is only 24 inches, so what do I want with a 50 inch television?

So, for those times when technology drives you nuts, watch the video below. I didn’t find this myself. It was on Weaverly, but too funny not to pass on.

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When technology is just too much…

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