Neanderthals (and, no, they weren’t weaving)

 Credit: NY Times

I read about this in my morning paper over coffee one morning. If you haven’t heard/read about the link between Neanderthals and modern man, here’s the NY Times article. When I read or hear about some historical piece of knowledge, I am reminded again of how much I don’t know, especially in the area of history. And, I’m such a visual person, I think looking at a time line of man’s history is helpful. Something else to start researching in my spare time.

Mirrix Adventures-Today I started weaving a rectangular shape out of the black that is in the beginning part of my Mirrix tapestry, with red on each side. Since I want to manipulate this black part in some way, I am weaving it in slit tapestry. Gotta tell you—This is the best slit I have ever done! I’m lovin’ this loom!

  • I’ve developed a rhythm now
  • On advice from J Austin, I’ve put a colored cardstock between the front and back warps
  • I have a tendency to grab the lower warp bar when changing sheds, so have trained myself to steer clear of the warping rod

For those of you who have been wanting a small portable loom, this one is the best, and I have tried several! You’ve got a stand built in, so you can use it in a hotel room on whatever surface is provided. You can move the stand legs out of the way, and weave in the car—as a passenger, of course! Although, how much worse can weavers be than all those text-ers driving down the highway!

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