The good, the bad, the ugly—or everything has to be finished eventually

Whining Alert!—Every job has its good points and the not-so-good points. My not-so-good is finishing. I have spent most of the day only almost finishing two pieces. This is back breaking work! Well, at least painful in my middle back from bending over the table. To finish (currently), I am preparing the warp for needle weaving into the web of the fabric by doing a woven edge, as shown here in Collingwood’s book on rug weaving. In this illustration many warp ends are being woven; I only use five warp ends, weaving over/under, then picking up a new warp thread, and repeating. This process leaves the warp ends facing up, so they then be can needle woven into the fabric, as shown in the middle picture.Woven-EdgeFinishingThis picture shows the warp ends already woven into the fabric, ready to be clipped off.Finishing2 I find this process terribly boring, so I am really grateful for audio books. I have also occupied myself with numbers. Today I have learned that it takes two minutes per inch for the needle weaving and approximately the same length of time for completing the woven warp edge. I know—pretty compulsive, huh? At least it gives me a method of estimating the time required for doing the finish work. After all the warp methods are complete, each piece will need intensive steaming. I can’t decide whether it’s better to do all of this in a marathon session or as they are taken off the loom. What I’d really like to do is find someone who would be willing to work 2-3 days a month doing some of this finish work. Don’t even know where to start finding that someone though.

Okay, no more whining!

Each of these pieces will be hung from a board with Velcro attached. I knew that I only had one board left, so was planning on making a trip to Lowe’s. Lucky me! A coupon arrived on Saturday which gave me 20% off. I bought boards, sandpaper, spray paint, and more Velcro. That little trip to town was the only time I got away from the finish work today. Except for the delivery from UPS. Evidently those poly bags are really heavy—the tell was the way he was walking while carrying the box. He very nicely offered to bring all the boxes inside, and I very nicely let him. Progress!

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