My goal is to ship five pieces on the 17th for arrival by the 24 of June. In order to do that, two pieces still have needle weaving to be done and then steamed, ironed, etc. Each piece will need to have whatever hanging mechanism necessary completed, be rolled around tubes, and wrapped in a muslin cloth which has it’s own cloth label. But, before the wrapping, they will need to be photographed, so the pieces and I have an appointment with the photographer next Friday afternoon.

image I have found a quicker solution to the cloth label part. I’m still printing them on the computer, using Word on cloth prepared for the printer called Printed Treasures. After cutting the labels apart, I am using something like Wonder Under, which is an iron on sticky stuff on both sides. I iron it on one side of the label, the peel off the remaining paper, and iron it onto the muslin wrapper. Cloth_Label Some pieces don’t have titles yet, so those will get written in with a fabric pen. By the way, this stuff is NOT inexpensive, so use with care.

I’ve been procrastinating about this for two years, but I finally ordered three items from Uline: white mailing tubes, boxes, and poly bags. The bags are really just long tubes themselves which can be of any length; that means that I will have to seal each end. Took me no time at all to spend over $300! They have been delivered, and are now taking up residence in my living room—big boxes! I will have to find a place to store them. Yuck! Choosing sizes to order was a problem and may be adjusted, in the unlikely event that I need to order again in the future. Like I said, big boxes!

So far I’m a little ahead of schedule with the tasks to be completed this week, so I’m hoping to get more done on the slit piece on the Mirrix—besides it’s relaxing after all the “have-tos.”  After the slit gets to be about 4 inches, I am going to try twisting it and then to start weaving again. I suspect that I will have to cut the warp in that section, though, before I can twist it. If anyone has any suggestions about how to handle warp manipulation on the Mirrix or any continuous warp loom, please send them my way.

2 thoughts on “Shipping

  1. Merna

    Nice blog, Sherri.

    Make the warp in sections to be able to manipulate just a part of it, ie 3 separate continuous warps. The Mirrix isn’t the best sort of loom for that as you know, but you could make it work.

    Just thinking, but how about a second warp bar for the section you will twist. Then you could just flip it over and re tension it. Maybe. Let us all know how you solve the problem.

  2. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    Thank you, Merna. This is my first time to use a loom like this, so I am learning. I’ve pretty much decided to cut the warp section for what I’ve started, tie on some extra length for those warps and tie on the bar again. May defeat the purpose of continuous warp, but this is an experiment. I will actually plan for next time and use your suggestion. I’ll also think about a second warp bar–sounds like the simplest solution of all!


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