New Mexico and Tierra Wools

My friend Pat Souder (check out her new website) and I drove to New Mexico last week. We had thought that we would be getting away from the record high temperatures in Texas, but we seem to have brought the heat with us. They were breaking records all over New Mexico, with a humidity of 3%. Evidently that is also extremely unusual, since this is the monsoon season.

I have been to Tierra Wools before, but this time we arrived right after a dye session. I was allowed to take pictures, so that’s what I’m sharing today. Their dye pots put my measly two to shame!


Aren’t the colors beautiful? They use churro wool and natural dyes.



The official New Mexico Fiber Arts Trail will take you to many fascinating small villages—well worth doing. I would like to get into the northwestern section one day where one can find Two Grey Hills. A trip like this always makes me anxious to get to work, filled with inspiration.


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