The road to Abiquiu and more


The drive from Santa Fe to Abiquiu is beautiful. The picture above was taken from the dirt road that takes you from the main road to the visitor center at Abiquiu. We later spent some time in the gift shop at the Abiquiu Inn and had a wonderful meal in the restaurant. I ended up buying some note cards with great drawings on the front, and a piece of pottery, all the time saying, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”


A friend sent me this postcard to the Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery, so a little trip there was in order. It happens to be just up the street from Pasquals, a popular restaurant. Both places are a feast for the eyes. The pottery is beautiful and comes from many pueblos. Pasquals has many eclectic items around which makes for interesting viewing while waiting for your meal, like this papier-mâché. And the coffee is great!

If it wasn’t so difficult to stop and take pictures of things seen along the road, I would have pictures to post here of signs seen along the way—signs you NEVER see in Texas.

  • Caution signs warning of wild horses crossing in New Mexico
  • Caution signs warning of bears crossing along I 25 in Colorado
  • A small wooden sign about chicos being for sale on the low road to Taos. It said they were available in house #8. To get there, we traveled a narrow dirt road. The sign on the door said that if you were there for chiles, to continue up the road to the house with the red roof. I love this! Got a 1 pound bag of chicos for $9.95. Evidently these are very seasonal. I was asked did I want the white or the yellow. Did I know? Of course not!

3 thoughts on “The road to Abiquiu and more

  1. Rebecca Mezoff

    Awesome Sherri! You are playing in my backyard. 🙂 I like the fish tacos at Abiquiu Inn. Did you find the mosque in Abiquiu? There is a fantastic white canyon (Georgia O’Keefe’s white place) called Plaza Blanca on their property they let the public hike on.

  2. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    Chicos info.coming soon.

    I know, Rebecca! This trip we did things I hadn’t done before, but no hiking. At the Abiquiu Inn I had something I never order–chiles rellenos. Pat had trout. Both were excellent. There’s never time to do everything, and then I get antsy to get home and weave.


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