Not Much

Today was a gloomy, icy, cold, rainy day. I had a fire and worked on my list for the day. Really kind of a dull day, both inside and out. I normally enjoy these cold days and weaving with the fire going. However, today I was not working in the studio, but on the dining room table. I found it difficult to settle down and did a lot of stuff on the computer–necessary stuff, but still …

Choosing Work

Stage West, a local theater in Fort Worth, asks artists to to hang work in their lobby. Three to four of my pieces will be hanging beginning January 29. What to choose? Which ones do I hang? I really don’t think that my work actually GOES with the theme of the play during this time, but what do I know? There is mention of something supernatural in this play. Would Peruvian Mask be suitable? All My Exes…? Decisions, decisions.

Goals for Today

Today’s work went pretty well. I did the needle felting on a piece that I finished months ago and started weaving the warp back into the body of the piece. I like the needle felting. It kind of blurs the edges and gives a softer effect. I don’t have a photo of the whole piece, maybe something to think about setting up here at home. As it is now, I wait until I have several pieces finished and then take them to a photographer. Takes a whole afternoon, but the pictures are worth it. If I did it myself, I’d probably need a better camera and lights with diffusers. Not sure I want to go there. It was cold and icy today, so I didn’t attempt to go out and dye. But I did get all the skeins weighed and labeled. Also got all the formulas in my dye sheet, so it’ll be a go as soon as the weather improves. I did not get any yoga in, though. Maybe tomorrow…

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