Goals for the Week


I’ve read and heard several articles/commentaries on art just in the last few days. This morning when I awoke waaay too early, I clicked on the radio to check if that icy weather had really come in. NPR was broadcasting a piece about mural painting during the depression. Well, I couldn’t go back to sleep then! The picture above is a study for one of the heads in one of the murals. From what I’ve read, there are more than 50 murals in the Justice Department building.
Yesterday I read an article in the NY Times about how hard times and a depression improves design. Also yesterday, I heard a program on our local public radio station, KERA, about how art instruction improves critical thinking and test scores. The art instruction was not the craft kinds of things that we always did in elementary school, but involved looking at works of art and thinking about open-ended questions. Here’s the link to the program. Interesting how certain topics seem to come in groups or clumps. Which in a roundabout way, brings me to the topic of design. I have both a design book and a color book that I have been thinking that I need to work my way through. Maybe spend an hour a day working on those.

This Week ….

However, the goal for this week is to get the next major dyeing project going. First the yarns have to be weighed and labeled. Each of the colors for this piece involve using three dyes, whereas I mostly just use two colors for my colors. That in itself makes this dye project a little more complicated. I developed a spreadsheet long ago to help calculate all ingredients for a dye job based on the weight of the yarn, but I do have to input the weights and names of the colors to be used.

Second goal for the week

The piece on the right was cut off the loom on Saturday. It’s the purple weft-faced ikat that I mentioned earlier.

I have six pieces that need finish work done on them. Count ’em, SIX. See all those out-of-control warp ends in the picture to the right? That means needle weaving the ends in, steaming, pressing, and photographing. This is my least favorite part. I’m doing to do some needle felting on one of those six and think I’ll start on that today. If it goes well, that will be fun. The good news is that I have six pieces to add to my inventory, something I’ve been working very hard to accomplish. No need to go to a show without inventory. And it’s funny–everyone I tell about doing Main Street Arts Festival asks me the same thing, “Do you have enough pieces?” This is a very slow process. It’ll probably take me two weeks to get the dyeing completed. Even though I use really big pots, I can only have two going at once. That translates to two colors per day.
Personal Goals

I really want to get started with some yoga again. And then there’s all the stuff around the house. Call the roofer, work on the clutter, stay caught up on regular household stuff, and cook good, healthy meals. I have the continual goal of planning menus and then actually following through with them.

It’s good to have goals!

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