I’ve been toying with words, like so many others, and am having a hard time deciding. Last night the word reveal came to me, along with embellish. I’m still rolling them around on my tongue and in my head, since other words have also sounded right. To me reveal is probably like clarity, but more. I’m hoping that I will be able to reveal to myself what my next steps should be and why I still have so much trouble with certain things. I’m pretty happy with the path that I’m on, but still think that it can be embellished. Not sure that word feels right. I tried abundance, but … I even wanted to try wealth, but that seemed so crass. On the other hand, do I care if other people think that? Maybe accomplish would be better. Will have to think more, try out more words, maybe have a drawing!


I tried the drawing, but just couldn’t get into it. I’ve gone back to release and have added courage. To me, release means a freeing from fear, from experimentation, old anger and resentment, and maybe even hidden agendas. Then you have to have courage to face all of that, to act on the knowledge, and to try new things.

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