Happy New Year!

New and Old Years
I know there’s all kinds of gloom and doom around us, but I feel really positive about the upcoming new year. Not sure where this comes from, but I’m grateful for it. I have looked back on the previous year and have a nice list of accomplishments. Lots more weaving is getting done, but that needs to increase if I’m going to build up that inventory to where I want it. I still have a stack of pieces that need to have the finish work done–the part I hate! But I have a couple of friends who have volunteered to help in order to have the opportunity to learn. There are also some ideas that are kind of “out there” that I want to try out. All in good time. I DO have a couple of pieces that I don’t like on which I may do some surface design–one with dyes and one with felting.
Word(s) for the Year
I’m not quite ready to actually declare my words for the year. I think I need to make myself sit quietly and say the words to myself and see what happens. From experience, I know that my spirit is able to speak to me when I allow it. Therein lies the problem….

In Conclusion
Even though the economy has me a little spooked, I am excited about the two shows I have coming up this year. I have been doing some things for the business side that are proactive, which is pretty foreign to me. But this is what I want to do with my life, so I’m going for it!
Now, if I could just get this next section of weft-faced ikat to weave up like it’s supposed to!

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