Websites and Weaving

Purple yarns tied and ready to overdye.
The bottom of the weft-faced ikat part on the loom

Website Portion of the Day
Today I worked on websites–my guild’s and my own. Thankfully, I had some help because this website stuff is a whole ‘nother language. Turns out that I had no index page on the ftp. But it’s done now, revised, and online!

Weaving Portion of the Day

Then I got to weave. Started the weft-faced ikat part today. That always goes a little slowly at first, just to get the design to line up correctly. I had to take out the first few rows then rewind the weft from the opposite end. That did the trick, and it’s working now. I only got about six inches done today, but tomorrow I’ll be able to start right in first thing in the morning.

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