Not today!

Sherri’s Summer Exercise Program is underway, but not today. Yesterday and the day before, I cleared brush and made a pile. Brush pile-May-2013 The picture of this pile does not do it justice. In the picture it looks really small, but my body tells a different story. And I am no where close to finishing this job. But not today. Today is a studio day–weaving and wrapping ikat. The ikat section that I’m working on now is going pretty fast or I’m getting better. The biggest problem is keeping up with the order and orientation of the various sections. My cartoon for the final product was broken into three sections, then each of those sections has been broken into smaller more manageable sections. So, there’s 3A and 3B. 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D. The number 3 sections are finished and I’m working on the 2 section now. The reason that orientation is important is nothing will match during weaving if you don’t know where to start. I seem to start at the bottom and work up. My start is on the left bottom, so a written Tyvek label is attached giving the section and orientation: 3A, bottom, left. At the top is another label: 3A, top, right. The labels must be of some material that can withstand the dye pot. And maybe, just maybe, if it’s not too hot (or whatever), I’ll go out and work some more later to day.

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