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Headin' Home in a simulated "home." Headin' Home wool, dyes, cotton 43 x 30 inches  $675  ©Sherri Coffey

Headin’ Home in a simulated “home.” Headin’ Home, wool, dyes, cotton, 43 x 30 inches $675 ©Sherri Coffey

What now?

It’s Wednesday, the day I usually write a new blog post, but no words come. In the last few days, I have cut off the last itty bitty pieces, retied the warp, prepared the warp for weaving, and … I am ready to weave. What will you weave? you may ask. The answer: I have no idea. Resistance is high on getting any dyeing done, so sticking with yarns already on hand will have to do. Small enraptures me right now, so maybe that will be the “next big thing.” At any rate, I’m ready and will start today.

Taking a class

Speaking of small, Rebecca Mezoff is starting a new online class about weaving on small looms. Read about it here. I am definitely taking this course, since working on small looms is very different than working on the a large one, obviously. Be sure to watch the video; Rebecca does a really good job with all of her videos. There are only so many learning curves that I am willing to have in my life.

Learning curve

Now, about learning curves–Some may have noticed that there is now a shop on my site. Now that was a learning curve! If you are on my mailing list, you know that I am having a Fall Sale. 25% off! Read about the details here, or you could sign up for the newsletter and be reminded. Sale ends October 31.



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