Again, I have no words

All My Exes... All My Exes... wool ikat, 34" x 65", $920 ┬ęSherri Coffey

All My Exes… All My Exes… wool ikat, 34″ x 65″, $920 ┬ęSherri Coffey

My days are so wrapped up with the sale and all the various emails associated with it, that I feel like all my words are gone. Do you ever just get “talked out?”  And then there’s the mammogram, bone density, dentist. Don’t want to talk about those either. What does it say when you have a mammogram at 2:30, and your results are in your email by 4:00? Did someone really have time to read it? 

The studio is swept and kind of clean. The warp is tied on again, and I have started weaving. What it will be is still unplanned. Spontaneity is my middle name nowadays. I’m thinking a simple stripe, but with colors that I have never used before, thanks to the Churro Club. Very subdued. 

The sale ends October 31, so now’s the time to take advantage of this. And there’s still time to sign up for the emails. After the 31st, things should be back to normal–whatever that is.

Here are the links for the ones so far.

3 I somehow deleted the link for this one.  


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