Happy Halloween from the Ghostletts



Halloween Ghosts

I still like these guys that I made 10 years ago. They popped up on my Facebook page to remind me. How does ten years go by so fast?

We’re having the warmest October ever. First it was since 1950, but now it’s ever. My Shasta daisies are in full bloom. Not just one plant, all of them. Does this mean they won’t bloom in May when they’re supposed to?

Final Day

Reminder #1-Today is the final day of the Fall Sale.

Fish Amok

Yesterday was spice dinner day. Those seem to be coming up much faster also. I was a little worried because it was a fish curry from Cambodia. Just didn’t know how that would go over. However, it was very successful, one of our best–no leftovers. Always a good sign.

Small Loom Weaving

Reminder #2– Registration opens tomorrow for Rebecca Mezoff’s small loom class. I’m taking it and can’t wait!

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