October 6-12

┬ęSherri Coffey-ZigZagII

ZigZag II, hand-dyed with natural dyes, wool yarns, tapestry, 33.5 x 58 inches, private collection. ┬ęSherri Coffey-ZigZagII

A lot of things need to be done this week. In fact, ever since I hurt my knee, my life has been a quagmire, at least after I could walk again. There were physical therapy appointments, appointments to get shots in the knee, and eye appointments. All but the eye appointments are over with. The last surgery on my eye is tomorrow, then two more follow-up appointments, and I’m done.


In honor of fall, here’s a snippet of a Color Thesaurus by Ingrid Sundbird. You can see the whole thing here. It goes from white to black and all the colors in between, really quite interesting.

The weather is getting nicer and I’m feeling more energetic, although we are expected to have more days in the 90s this week. So, in addition of doing my knee exercises and walking, goals for the coming week are:


  • Finish work on Rain
  • Warp baby loom
  • Clean studio


  • Organize carport
  • Make a donation run to Goodwill
  • New toilet installed


  • Eye operation
  • Post op appt
  • Attend two events on Friday, one at 4:30, other at 6:30

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