Okay, I give up…plus aboriginal art, and other stuff

I am totally giving up. The cold has won!

Contemporary Aboriginal Art

image image

Collection of John and Barbara Wilkerson

The Smithsonian Magazine has an interesting article about aboriginal art in Australia this month. I don’t quite know why, but I am always inspired by art from any indigenous group. The picture on the right especially appeals to me, perhaps related to that spiral thing again. There are many more pictures of the collection in the online article and in the magazine.

I am going to try and embed a video here and hope that it works. If not, there will be a huge blank spot, but you can go to the web page and see it here instead, if you’re interested. It’s about installation work made from found and natural materials. You might want to be somewhat close to Dallas if you want to apply. I saw some work similar to this idea when I went to Omaha last May. Good idea, lots of possibilities.

Now, back to my napping, and all the other activities that go with having a cold.

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