Monday is the new Sunday

Today I have been laid flat by a cough and maybe a cold… or maybe I’m just really tired from getting practically no sleep for the last two weeks.  Whatever the reason, today was a “water haul” as we say here in Texas to describe a non-productive day.  My accomplishments were three: a trip to the Container Store, changing the sheets, and starting the dishwasher.  Tomorrow I plan to begin the day weaving, then move on to other more mundane things.  The focus issue is still with me, perhaps related to all the emotional turmoil of the last month, but that has to change also.  I wish I had some interesting pictures to post, but, well, there’s nothing interesting at all right now….imageor maybe there is something interesting.  I received the Kindle for Christmas.  As a lover of all things tech and books, I have really debated whether this would be a worthwhile investment. So, off and on for the last couple of days, I have played around with this device to see what it can do.  One thing I do know, it’s way too easy to get books fast and spend lots of money.  You can get samples of books to see if it’s something you want to read, and, since we’re planning a trip to Belize, I wondered about getting a travel book on the Kindle.  It would be lighter and the search makes it easy to find a particular section or site.  I got a sample of a travel book, but decided to check it out at Borders when we went for coffee.  There’s just something about holding a real book… but the Kindle version would be so much easier to pack.  I also tried the local newspaper, but rejected it after realizing that many of the columns I enjoy are missing in the Kindle version, as are the Letters to the Editor and the Obituaries.  It sounded like a good deal—no more early, cold mornings going out to get the paper!  So the verdict is still out on whether I’m going to warm up to this Kindle.

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