It’s very quiet in my house…

White Christmas in Texas?  Yep, it happened.  After our stockings and presents here, we drove to my mother’s for the big family celebration.  The 25-mile drive presented us with the vision of many cars along side the highway.  Most had been draped with the ubiquitous yellow police tape, I think to indicate that a particular car had already been investigated.  It was a very careful drive, as it was hard to discern frozen areas very far in advance.

Christmas and all other family gatherings are quite noisy in my family.  There’s usually about 25 of us in attendance.  Beck and Zane see all these relatives once a year, and every year I am amazed at how well they do.  This year they were happily entertained by playing chess with the various cousins.  Chess clubs in schools are wonderful!

After returning home, we had an early supper, packed up, and set the alarm for 3:45 AM in order to get everyone off for the 6:27 flight.  As much as I disliked the inconvenient time of their departure, turns out that it was probably for the best.  They had a connecting flight in Chicago, where I understand there were problems because of weather.  Luckily, they boarded the plane and only took off about an hour late.  It is very quiet in my house now.  No more little voices calling, “Grandma…”  No more play talk as the little boys reenact Star Wars adventures and make up new ones.  No more noisy dice as we play Yahtzee.  No more arguing about who goes first when beginning to play Blokus

The boys love to sleep in the big chair in the living room, all wrapped up in their blankets or sleeping bags.  They read quietly under the reading lamp and then turn out the light with not a peep out of them until I fix them hot chocolate the next morning. 

So, we took down the tree tonight and plan to have a “normal” day tomorrow.  Except, of course, for the mountain of laundry that must be done.  Normal for me means that I will weave a bit, do laundry in between breaks, and get a little vacuuming done.  I also like to sit down and plan my week on Sunday evening. Another picture of the snowman must be taken in order to document the sad demise of the snowman. This is all part of a “scientific” experiment that I promised to do for Beck.

I did find a surprise this afternoon.  Beck left me a sticky-note message in my office.  Very nicely expressed and much appreciated. 

We still have snow on the ground here, and it’s not looking like it will be warming up any time soon.  Wood to bring in, weaving to be done…

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