Photo Albums

Yesterday I got photos from the zoo ready and took them to be printed, a real decision process for me because I would have liked the boys to pick out their own.  After several tries at paper cutting for the right size, I finally got everything ready for the boys to paste in their pics today.  They’re really cute, and I hope their parents will be pleased…how could they not with such wonderful pictures!  I’m still in love with the looks on their faces with the birds.  Below are the photo albums in all their glory.  Bit of a zoo theme, except for the picture on the front, which is of them in front of the Christmas tree after they’d gaudied—er, hmm—decorated it. Zane_album Beck_album

It is such fun to have them here.  We’re making cookies this afternoon.  Tomorrow it will be cinnamon rolls for Santa Claus, even though they keep telling me there is no Santa.  I choose to disagree.

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