Not a lot of weaving being done around here, just creating memories.  Even though yesterday was the first day of winter, it was a beautiful day here in Texas, so we took the boys to the zoo.  Here they are riding the train and observing something amazing, I’m sure.Train2 Below, you can  see the joy on their faces as birds sit on their seed sticks in a special area just for delighting kids.  It was wonderful to see their faces!

Beck_with_Two_Birds Zane_Bird

At the same time I was enjoying the boys’ excitement, I was also looking at design possibilities.  Painted on the wall was this design: Design_Zoo

Giraffe_zoo  And, of course, there are the possibilities of animal designs—great for the graphics of weft-faced ikat.







And the bright colors…BlueParrots

I am hoping to get pictures printed today in order to make crafty accordion-folded picture albums for their parents—if I can figure out the directions

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