On Patterns and Books

1000-Patterns1000 Patterns: Design Through the Centuries (Paperback) Drusilla Cole (Author)

It’s amazing to me how I can look at something one day and be totally uninspired. Case in point: I checked this book out of the library and marked bunches of pages with sticky notes because something on the page called to me. Some attracted me because of color, some because of a snippet of the overall pattern. I know I’ve seen this book in Borders, glanced through it, and decided against it. Must’ve been my mood at the time. Maybe I just wasn’t being receptive to the inspiration gods, whatever. Currently, it must not be in print any longer; when I checked, there was a copy selling for $800! Can that be right? Must be the hardback version.

HandAnd speaking of pattern, inspiration, etc, have you seen these from Dharma Trading Company? When I looked Tuesday morning, none were marked with a sold sign. These are copper batik stencils. Some are just amazing! I picked out some of the simpler designs to show here. Untitled-5Untitled-2

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