March Colors

Late Breaking News: We have sunshine! It’s amazing what a little sunshine can do for the energy level. Even though I’m sure it’s too wet after rain all day yesterday, I may be forced to get outside and play in the dirt in the sunshine.

Again we’ve broken records for below normal temperatures and dreary days. And, since we’re into March, I’m adding some March color here. No flowers yet, just leftover colors from February. 

I love looking at the birds out my studio window, and the goldfinches are very pretty this time of year. I had to take this picture through the window—it was too cold and blustery outside for me to wait on them to come back to the feeder. Nature photography will not be a second career! These little guys are eating me out of house and home right now.GoldfinchHere are the nandinas that are growing along the back fence. They’re volunteers from my neighbor’s yard. At least they provide a little color, right?  NandinaLeaves   NandinaBerries

VenusIf you take a closer look at Venus, she’s a little worse for wear—leaves where they shouldn’t be, etc.

I love the juxtaposition of the signs here. The West Side Cafe is a place where we have breakfast fairly frequently. It’s an old-fashioned, small-town restaurant in the city. I know the Westside-Cafeowner must be doing a good job because there is little turnover of employees. But, they do not have tattoos available at this restaurant!

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