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 Handwoven triptych, Squares, 25 x 75 inches  If you look closely, you can see little squiggles in the middle and right pieces-just a little break from the square image!

Squares Cubed Tripytch (Private Collection) 




The above set of almost-squares was commissioned. It was great fun to find colors to use for this project and to put in the little squiggles in the lower right of the green piece and the upper right of the magenta piece.


Josef Albers
Homage to the Square: Edition Keller Ia, 1970
Image size: 13 13/16 x 13 13/16 inches
(35 x 35 cm)
Paper size: 21 11/16 x 21 11/16 inches
(55.1 x 55.1 cm)
Edition of 125

I can’t find a picture, but the Amon Carter Museum has Study for Homage to the Square: Remote, 1960 by Josef Albers. It’s on masonite, and looks very different from the images we usually see in books of Albers’s Squares. The original piece is much richer, not so flat as the ones we’re used to seeing. Above is one of the square series that I found online.

The above picture came from here. I made up my own image of the one I saw in Photoshop. It looks maybe/kinda like this one:Albers_blues_green

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