On the loom and other miscellany

Small piece almost ready to cut off

Small piece almost ready to cut off

At least I’m weaving!

I just have an inch of hem to complete before cutting this off the loom, It’s only 30 x 3 inches, totally spontaneous, until a pattern emerged. I’ve decided to weave another small piece next, using a mix of fall colors. Some will be my own hand-dyed yarn and others will be churro yarns from the Churro Club. I think I’m going to weave it something like the piece below–if I can remember how I did it.

Wildflowers Tapestry, hand-dyed wool, silk on cotton warp 58 x 8.5 inches

Wildflowers, Tapestry, hand-dyed wool, silk on cotton warp, 58 x 8.5 inches

What about this orientation?

Wildflowers, vertical

Wildflowers, vertical

And now for the personal

In the never-ending search for organization, I’ve been trying a new method (for me) of keeping up with my calendar and tasks. Even though it’s so convenient to use my phone for appointments, I still like to use paper to keep up with my to-do list. Here’s where the bullet journal has entered my life, at least as an experiment. I dug out an old notebook to use for now, experimenting with adapting this idea for my use. So far, so good, but the usefulness of using any method is to review it daily, and that’s where I fall down and crash. If this works for me, I will buy a new journal for next year and start fresh again.

Now, for a total non-sequitur–Well, maybe it doesn’t qualify for even that, because a non-sequitur usually has at least something to do with a previous statement–The blog post that has the most views is one from 2012 about cerise and fuchsia. Hmmm….how ’bout that!



2 thoughts on “On the loom and other miscellany

  1. Carolyn Young

    I’m in love with the vertical orientation of Wildflowers!! Also, I’ve started using the Bullet Journal too and I love the adaptability of it – each month I decide how to set up the next month so if something didn’t work well for me one month, I change it for the next. Who knows, by the end of the year I may have a planning system that actually works for me!!

    1. Sherri Post author

      Thanks, Carolyn. Now to figure out how to mount these itty bitty pieces, a conundrum you’d know something about, right?

      I’m still loving the Bullet Journal. Things don’t usually last long for me, but knock on wood! This one is–so far.


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