On the road home: Friday, July 23,2009


Peruvian Mask Purple_Ikat

Peruvian Mask             Purple Ikat

Both now at Weaving Southwest

Today I drove from Taos to Santa Fe, even though I didn’t plan to actually do anything there. I just like that beautiful drive. From Santa Fe I drove back to Amarillo and back into Central time. It was hard for me to keep up with times since I never changed any clocks, etc. So, only 5 hours to get home tomorrow. I’m ready. By the way, on the way out I listened to a book on CD by Lisa Gardner called The Neighbor. I usually prefer to read, but for road trips I need something to keep my attention. Don’t know whether it was just me or what, but this book REALLY kept my interest. It’s a mystery, so if that doesn’t interest you, don’t bother to check it out.

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