Only in Taos: Thursday, July 23, 2009

In the “only in Taos category…”

The usual traffic abounds in Taos today. There was a traffic accident to which two cops responded, one a motorcycle cop. There he is in full uniform and…a do rag! Where else would you see that?

Another surprising observation: Taos must be the Prius capital of the world. I have never seen as many Priuses gathered in one place as in Taos.

Exciting news

Weaving Southwest

I sent my portfolio to Weaving Southwest in Taos a couple of months ago. Just about the time I was gutting it up to make a follow up call, Theresa called me and said that they would like to have five pieces. A couple of weeks after that I received the paperwork, and after checking shipping prices, I decided that the shipping money could be better spent with me delivering the pieces myself. That way I could meet Theresa, ask my questions, etc. Besides, who doesn’t want to go to Taos?  This is the time of year for afternoon thunderstorms, with lightning in the mountains and thunder bouncing, echoing around. Wonderful!

Theresa had me unwrap and unroll everything. They seemed to like all, and Theresa appreciated my organization. I’m glad I spent all that time making the wrappers, labels, sleeves, and hanging instructions inside the tubes.  She said that they were going to change out the gallery next week, so at least one of my pieces will probably be on the wall!


Now to decide where to go tomorrow. I’m really thinking about driving home, but I could drive to Santa Fe. I’ll see how I feel when I wake up tomorrow … I do have that new warp tied on the loom.

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