On the road to Taos: Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I love traveling through Texas. First the rolling hills, then the flat flat flat west Texas landscape. If I go south, the hills are even more interesting, the foliage is different, the landscape is wonderful. Going east takes one through the pine woods, a more closed in landscape. Today I traveled west. It’s been a while since I’ve been in this direction and a while since I’ve seen the wind farms. Just past Abilene, before Sweetwater, there’s a fairly distant plateau with its flat table top covered with windmills. Further west the windmills are ubiquitous. From what I read in the newspapers, you can lease you land for these windmills and have an income equal to what the oil industry brought to the land owners in years past. I support “greener” power, but I’m not sure how I like looking at all the wind farms in the countryside. Ran into a little rain, which I know is desperately needed in some parts, but it was raining so hard I could only see the white road stripes directly in front of the car. Seriously considered pulling over and waiting it out.

After driving all day, I finally got out of Texas and into New Mexico. Another change in scenery close to the border, and then everything changes. I think my GPS wanted to take me a different way, but I rebelled and went the way I wanted. After all, my goal was to break up the trip into manageable portions and find a decent place to stay for the night.

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