One of My Favorite Things

Once I bought this little inexpensive radio/iPod player, I finally fell in love with my iPod. It has a remote control so that the volume can be adjusted, and it can be turned off or on while sitting at my loom. I tried making CDs from my audio books, but that takes FOREVER! The little iPod syncs in seconds, much faster than it takes to download the books from in the first place. This little device, which is made by Atlantis, also has slots for USB and SD cards. I have not used those features, but theoretically, a book could be loaded onto a flash drive and plugged into the player. I bought it at Sam’s Club in the store. I don’t think it’s listed online.

We finally have sunshine today! This may continue for several days (Here’s a toast to THAT!). I’ve been trying to look back and I think we’ve only had a couple of days of sunshine in about three weeks. It’s still really cold, but with sunshine it’s more bearable.

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