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Monday night I presented the program to the Dallas guild on natural dyeing. The skeins above are from a dye workshop many years ago with Michele Wipplinger of Earthues dyes . Each small skein is actually two; we dyed both a gray and a white skein for each color. Don’t they look gorgeous! Each skein is tagged with its formula for reproduction of that color. I do the same thing now, except with a notebook and/or extensive notes. Every thing I weave is drawn on graph paper, and as I weave, I write notes on the sheet. That way, if something doesn’t work, I can assess the reason. If it does work, I have a way of duplicating if I want. Below is an example of one of my workshops.DesignProcessGraph

2 thoughts on “Natural Dyes

  1. Kit

    Hi Sherri – those are absolutely beautiful dye colors. I really want to do a similar project — only with snippets of cotton, linen, silk fabric rather than with wool. I have Michelle’s book as well as other natural dye reference books. For some reason the mordants, etc. are somewhat intimidating for me! Seeing your lovely project will hopefully spur me on to do this!

  2. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    Kit, all I can say is jump in! The whole dye process was intimidating to me until I just decided to do it. Are you talking about immersion dyeing or surface dyeing? My experience with cottons was that the colors were not as intense. Just keep good records so you’ll know what made a project successful (or not). Good luck!


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