Optical Illusions


Do you see the wheels moving? You can read more here. This is from a National Geographic interview with a brain researcher. I am somewhat fascinated with some optical illusions and often thought of weaving one—only the simplest, though.

I did not weave my unintended design—sorry, Donna. But I am thinking more and more about breaking out those spiro tools and try one more time. I spent yesterday weaving in the morning and working with the organizer in the afternoon. After about two hours of organizing, I’ve had enough! Progress is being made, though!

It wasn’t until the afternoon session, though, that I realized that I had not woven anything for a hem on this piece. More needle weaving in store for me. Bah! Humbug! In my head, at least, I have decided that anything that is of the wrong size to go on the floor as a rug, will have a hem. Like I said—in my head…

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