Panic Mode

Counting today, I have 11 days until load-in for Main Street. By the way, it’s pretty cool to go to the Main Street website and see my own work flashed among all the other artists’ work.

There’s a list a mile long of things that need to happen before then.

  • Finish needle weaving on two pieces
  • Lash hanging rods on 10 pieces
  • Set up the booth in the backyard one more time, especially since I now have legs for the panels.
  • Find a table, shelf unit, or something on which to place a “guest book” and the notebook with pictures of finished pieces. I think it should also contain some process pictures also, since most folks don’t have a clue as to what’s involved in weaving. Found some pedestals, but would need two or three, which adds up to more money than I want to spend.
  • Schedule friends who have volunteered to help out (bathroom break!). I am so fortunate to have people who have offered to help.
  • More business cards
  • Send out emails and/or postcards to folks who might like to know my booth number.
  • Refresh myself on using the new credit card merchant services—yeah, right. That means selling something.

Then there’s the everyday stuff—housework, yard mowing, laundry, etc. I actually enjoy mowing the yard. Where else can you see what you’ve accomplished so easily? We may get another freeze this week, so that means protecting the tomatoes again. The poor cucumbers and squashes have sprouted but don’t seem to know what to do next, with this crazy weather. Don’t know why I’m in such a rush anyway. Back when I used to have a huge garden, I always planted my seeds in March, but didn’t put out tomatoes and peppers until April 15.

In the message that the Jay Downie (CEO? man-in-charge?) sent to participating artists, he mentioned that the Houston Bayou Festival did well in March. Kind of a pep talk think, I guess. I usually have the philosophy that I should try something new 3 times before giving it up. So, with that idea in mind, I plan to do at least 3 shows before giving this up for a bad idea. Historically, fiber art like mine have not done well at Main Street, but I will get that all-important booth shot that other venues require for jurying.


Today will simply be getting the mowing and laundry done for the next week. Vacuuming? Dusting? Who needs it!

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