Planning, planning, planning

Wall calendar

Wall calendar

This is my wall calendar, where I am trying to put things for the year. Some don’t have firm dates so they are just kind of there. Notice the washi tape? I found it in a drawer and decided to use it. Decision on whether I like it on the calendar will come later.

I’ve been doing lots of planning in the last couple of months, trying to make goals for the year in several categories of my life. Next, I need to break those goals down into smaller pieces and place them on a specific month.

I even chose a word for the year, something I don’t usually do. For some reason the word abundance kept going around in my head. First, I thought that choosing that word would be so superficial and material, but then I realized that abundance can be in all areas, not just the material things. Abundance of joy, love, time, energy, creativity, courage, …on and on. So I’m sticking with it!

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