Possible weaving and the mile-long to-do list

Sunset_Vase_O'keeffe I’ve been thinking about doing some simple gradation weavings, branching out into colors that I don’t normally think of doing. When we were in the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum gift shop, my mother bought me this vase. I love the colors and the unusual shape, although the photograph doesn’t do it justice. Maybe this should also become a new weaving. This is absolutely stunning when the light shines more on the interior. The top section is more of a purple-y burgundy than it looks like here. I could be done in gradations from this direction also. Tweaking to be done….Sunset_Vase_O'keeffe

The following is the list for today:

  1. Tie on warp for ikat piece
  2. Prepare tube and cover for piece that’s going to a show
  3. Deliver above and another piece to show
  4. Warp Mirrix. I’ve decided to do the face and forget about more text and the warp that remains. Time to move on.

Would also like to shop for new camera, but that’s probably not going to happen. The show is for the Texas Arts Coalition Members show, for which two pieces passed jury muster, shown below. Opening reception is Friday. Nice to  have something, local so I can actually go! I didn’t realize they were both so purple until I got them together.

JourneyPurple Haze of a Setting Sun

The weekend has been spent cooking wild mustang grapes, straining for the juice, and re-dyeing the red ikat yarns. I hope to have a before and after photo soon.

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2 thoughts on “Possible weaving and the mile-long to-do list

  1. AB HOME Interiors

    You must share before and after photos! SO may I ask what a wild mustard grape is? Hmm I am not sure I have heard of this. And funny the word for the day is IKAT> You are the third blogger today to mention it! haha have a great day,


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