Making headway

It’s been waaay too long, but today I wove! Felt so good!

Here are some pictures of wild mustang grapes. For the really curious, click on the link below the picture; it will take you to the Wikepedia page. image

Mustang Grapes-Vitis mustangensis


Monday’s list:

  1. Tie on warp for ikat piece
  2. Prepare tube and cover for piece that’s going to a show
  3. Deliver above and another piece to show
  4. Warp Mirrix. I’ve decided to do the face and forget about more text and the warp that remains. Time to move on.

Whoops! I thought the warp that is visible on the back beam looked a little thin, so I took one of the threads and measured it. Only 4 yards left! Obviously, someone made a mistake in keeping track of the warp used out of the previous 33 yards. Who could that person be? Hmm… Guess I will have to warp after the current project. I’m debating whether to switch to cotton or stick with the wool. What to do, what to do.

Tuesday’s list:

  1. Weave on the ikat
  2. Warp Mirrix. I’ve decided to do the face and forget about more text and the warp that remains. Time to move on.
  3. Make skeins. I need to test the Crazy Monkey and see how long it takes to make a 1/2 pound skein. I am supposed to dye some yarn for a friend, but don’t know how much to tell her it will cost, since I don’t know how long the skein-winding will take. Plus, for some experimental dyeing that I want to do, I will need LOTS of small skeins—about 112. I’m basing everything on groups of seven, since each skein will be dyed in seven shades of the same color. I will dye each shade another color to experiment with color blends. Think I will have to make a table to keep everything straight in my head.

Of course, there are all the usual things that normal life brings. It was 106 degrees Monday At 8PM it was still 102 and will continue like this for the entire week. Guess I will need to water the garden—what’s left of it!

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2 thoughts on “Making headway

  1. Janice Zindel

    Your dyeing experiments sound interesting, along with creating a table to keep track of it all.

    I think I’ve missed something, what is a Crazy Monkey?

    100+ temps? Hope you are staying cool.


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