Pottery adventures

Pottery-boys Like everyone, the last couple of weeks have been busy ones. My daughter and grandsons were here. (Have you noticed how much space children take up? Not all physical space, but all around) One of the things we did is go to Front Porch Pottery Studio. We made pieces that will be fired Zane-sword in a couple of weeks, after drying a bit.


Beck's face Notice the tongue and those eyes.

Beck made the face on the left. Those eyes! And I love the tongue! Zane’s sword is on the right. (They just recently saw the latest Hobbit movie.) Mine was a boring tray, but I like it anyway. At the suggestion of Teresa, my daughter made a cylindrical container that should turn out really well.

Working with clay is so soothing somehow. I think I’m going to have to do this again, maybe even try the wheel. That probably won’t be so soothing! I would also like to take a printing class. Oh, the possibilities!







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