Christmas A busy time…the list yesterday was a mile long, but I completed all but one item–cleaning the studio. Gee, what’s up with that? But I did weave! The warp has been adjusted so that it fits the ikat sections. One of the things that I am concentrating on with this piece is maintaining the selvedges better. Draw-in is always a consideration when doing the needle weaving during finishing. I have heard that keeping the first couple of inches “looser,” so that those warp ends have space will help. Working on it!

My house is full with two little boys. Why does it seem even fuller when children are involved? We all know the answer to that! I am grateful to have them here. They have already made two trips to Whataburger, and they’ve only been here since Friday! No Whataburgers available in North Carolina.

Hope everyone has speedy shuttles, unbroken threads, and a masterpiece on the loom. I’m sure every state has its own unique Christmas season, but some typical Texas pics can be found here.

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