Progress at last…What is it about pain meds?

Here’s the yarn while ikat wrapping was in progress. Below is the actual piece being woven—at last!  I’ve spent most of the week either at the dentist, in pain, or groggy from pain meds. In the top picture, the colors are truer, but I’m not taking the trouble to fix color right now.Magenta_in_progress  Magenta_black

Also went to Kinko’s to enlarge a couple of designs I’m thinking about doing.  Can’t decide…another ikat piece, but more complicated, or tapestry. 

I think if I can get back to working without tooth pain, this magenta piece could be finished and all the wrappers, hanging boards, etc, could get finished this week. I finally found a source for twill tape and 1 1/2 inch Velcro. Who knew those were things that the local Joann’s wouldn’t carry? When they both arrive, I’ll know how that worked out.

There’s still at least one more visit to the dentist and a much-needed haircut coming up this week.

I love my studio since I moved the loom. I used to have a Glimakra, which never moved as I wove, probably because of the rubber shoes that it wore. My Cranbrook creeps up to me until I feel crushed while sitting on my loom bench. I may have solved the problem. Those little rubber doorstop wedges. Lift up the leg slightly and stick one of those under both rear feet. It’s working so far.

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